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Early childhood support

We provide the attention and support children need to develop all facets of their skills and capabilities, placing a particular emphasis on encouraging children who speak foreign or multiple languages. Play is fundamental to the way children learn. We build on this idea and help children make new discoveries with all of their senses.


We are pioneers in early childhood language development, having introduced this focus to our childcare programme in 2002. Because the first years of a child's development are particularly important for later educational success, we place a special emphasis on language skills. Our trained childhood development professional and childcare team will help your child learn High German using language-focused individual and group activities, and they will help prepare your child for kindergarten.


We place great importance on every child's physical development, health and well-being. We playfully address the basics of good nutrition and exercise as well as dental and personal hygiene in our childcare programme. We believe that physical activity, nutritious food and having fun are all essential to your child’s healthy development and serve only sugar-free snacks.

Overcoming trauma

Suddenly living in a new, foreign environment can be stressful! Are you worried that your child is having trouble adjusting? Is your child suffering because of past traumatic experiences? K5’s childcare team has considerable experience helping children get accustomed to their new circumstances. In addition, our childcare team regularly attends training events on processing trauma and we can call in a trauma specialist as needed.

Nature outings

We will take your child on outings to the forest, the zoo, the park or simply outside to our garden–rain or shine! One of our groups goes outside every day. And K5 has enough rain gear and warm clothing to ensure that your child will be prepared for any kind of weather. On these outings, your child will get plenty of fresh air and exercise, explore nature and even get to know the area better.

Language development handbook for preschoolers (in German, with DVD)

We enjoy sharing our early language development expertise. Order our handbook and DVD now!

Together with our specialist for early language development in German, we at K5 have drawn on our many years of practical experience to produce a handbook and film about helping children develop their language skills. This reference book is aimed at those working with children who speak foreign languages in nurseries, day care centres, playgroups, children's homes or their own homes. The handbook and DVD include:
> Theoretical principles of early childhood language development
> Numerous practical ideas and examples
> Insight into the day-to-day work of a childcare professional specialised in early language development in German

Handbook with DVD CHF 45.-
Handbook without DVD CHF 35.-
DVD without handbook CHF 15.-
Plus shipping and handling

Order your copy now at briefkasten@k5kurszentrum.ch or 061 365 90 20.

About us

Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.


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