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Here we have listed some of the frequently asked questions about our German courses and our child care. Do you need more information? Please contact us!

FAQ Corona pandemic

Can I feel safe in the course?

The K5 Basler Kurszentrum is developing and constantly adapting procedures for protection. The procedures are based on the requirements of the authorities and the SVEB (Swiss Association for Advanced Education). WE are also in close contact with the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Solothurn.

Do I have to wear a mask during the course?

The Swiss Federal Council has till date not decided on the mandatory use of masks. However the requirements of the Swiss Federal Council are constantly changing.

By registering for the course, the course participant confirms that the K5 Basel Kurszentrum is authorised to take/ adapt protective measures in the course structure if necessary.

What happens if schools are closed again due to the corona pandemic?

Then you will continue learning in the «digitalen course room». You will learn how to do this step by step directly from your course instructor.

Lessons in «distance learning» and in «guided learning» are rated as face-to-face lessons. The course fees remain owed in full.

What does «split course groups» mean?

«Split course groups» ensure the fewer participants are present in the course room at the same time, so that the distance recommendation by the Federal Office of Public Health can be maintained.  
Examples include:

  • One course instructor teaches two half-groups in parallel in different course rooms.
  • Division of the course groups into two half groups which alternate in terms of «attendance on site» and «guided learning at home».

The course fees remain the same of «split course groups» are made.

What does «distance learning» mean?

You learn from home in the «digital course room» or in «guided learning».

In order for you to be able to participate in «distance learning» an/or in«guided learning», you need appropriate digital devices (computer, tablet) and an internet connection. You must be able to operate these digital devices well (e.g. downloading video conference apps). You are responsible for this. Loan devices are available in limited numbers from K5.

What is a «digital course room»?

In the «digital course room» you find documents and links for further learning in case face-to-face classes are prohibited again. The «digital course room» is therefore the meeting point for the course participants with the course instructor.

What is «guided learning»?

In contrast to «self-directed learning» you are supported by a course instructor in «guided learning» to select the content/ learning units that are meaningful for you. The course instructor thus remains your personal contact even in «distance Learning».

Can I come to the course if I am sick?

No, participants who show signs of illness must stay at home. You can continue learning in the «digital course room» or in «guided learning». The course fees remain due in full even in the event of illness.

What if I have to go into isolation because of the corona pandemic?

You can continue learning in the «digital course room» or in «guided learning».

I belong to a risk group. Do I have to pay attention to anything?

Yes, please note the information on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health. The information for people belonging to risk groups is  regularly updated there. Only register for the course of your state of health allows it.

FAQ Online-Kurs

What do I need for an online course with distance learning?

> Computer, laptop or tablet
Zoom and Blink Learning (free)
> Internet connection

Do I get a course book?

In blink learning you get a digital course book with interactive exercises from us. On the level A1-B1 Linie 1, on the level B2 Aspekte.

What is blink learning?

In blink learning you will find your digital textbook with lots of exercises.

How can I use blink learning?

You will get a code from us before the course starts. Use this to log in to the website or download the app. https://www.blinklearning.com/home. When the course instructor has accepted you, you will see the book.

You can find a tutorial on how to log in here: https://www.klett-sprachen.de/digitales/lms-versionen/digitale-ausgaben-fuer-blinklearning/video-tutorials/c-2908


What do I need Zoom for?

In Zoom you have your online course room and can actively participate in the course with your course instructor.

How can I get the Zoom app?

Download from Google Store oder Apple Store oder via https://zoom.us/join

How to use Zoom?


You will receive an invitation to the course with a link. Click on this at the start of the course. This is how you enter the digital course room.

Why does K5 use Zoom?

Zoom is an a software that is very easy to use. It is practical for teaching because it is very easy to form groups. 

K5 is currently testing other softwares.

Is the video conference recorded with Zoom?

No, K5 does not record lessons or video conferences.

Zoom also assures that no video conference content is recorded automatically. If you agree, the chat can be saved for learning purposes.

FAQ course fees

I would like a course fee reduction. What do I need to do?

Course participants who live in the canton of Basel-Stadt must show K5 their health insurance company’s confirmation of their premium reduction. Reduktion is possible for all the courses at K5.

Course participants who live in the canton of Baselland must show K5 their past three salary statements. Here you can find the courses subsidised by the canton of Baselland. We are unable to give a regular fee reductions for all other courses.

Course participants who live in the Dorneck-Thierstein district of the canton of Solothurn can attend some courses for a fixed reduced fee. You can find the courses here.

What is a health insurance premium reduction? Where can I apply for it?

A health insurance premium reduction is the financial support provided by the canton to help pay health insurance premiums. It must be applied for at the canton’s benefits office, ASB (Amt für Sozialbeiträge). You can find more information on their website.

Can I pay for my course in instalments?

Yes, depending on the course we can offer an instalment payment plan. You can find the information in our terms and conditions of the respective course or contact us directly. We are happy to provide information. 

Where can I get the free Basel-Stadt voucher?

This voucher is issued by the Residents’ Registration Office (Einwohneramt des Kantons Basel-Stadt). A voucher is given to adults who are in their first year of residence in Switzerland. Please contact the Residents’ Registration Office regarding any other requirements you may need to fulfil in order to receive a voucher. 
You can find more information on their website.

FAQ childcare & playgroup

How old must my child be to participate in K5's childcare programme?

K5's day care centre accepts children between 6 months and 5 years of age. 
K5's playgroup with integrated language development is available for children between the ages of 2.5 and 4 years. 
For more information, please consult the childcare section of our website or ask at our Info-Punkt.

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