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At K5, our professional and dedicated staff places a high value on showing mutual respect and appreciation, both in our day-to-day work with one another and when communicating with course participants. 
Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.

Since 1980, we serve the public as a non-profit organisation and are in dialogue with our target group, the authorities, and other organisations. 

Executive Board

Beatrice Brunner, Executive Director

Andrea Rid, Director of Communications, Intercultural Events, Fundraising

Barbara Binz, Director of Childcare


«I really enjoy working in an environment where cultures come together and importance is placed on mutual appreciation. This motivates me to help course participants along their path to integration by putting in place favourable conditions that can improve their prospects for a promising future.» Beatrice Brunner (Executive Director)

Management Team

Angelika Gleichmann, Director of Course Administration, Coaching

Heidi Lichtenberger, Director of German as a Second Language, Deputy Director of Education

Claudia Linsi, Head of Education 

Menga Keller, Head of Education 

Brigitte Federi, Head of Education

Ursula Bicker,  Head of Education and Work

Judith Messerli, Deputy Head of Childcare

Course Instructors

«So many cultures come together here–I love that! And I like seeing my students having fun in class and enjoying learning.» Hadil Abdelsamad (K5 Course instructor)

Childcare Team

«My work at K5 has a lot variety. I love the contact with parents, the children’s smiling faces, and the challenge of boosting their self-confidence and unlocking their joy of learning–all this comes with my job as a language development professional. In my role as Director of Childcare, I find the organisational work with different groups and people interesting. It shows that every day brings new encounters...» Barbara Binz (Director of Childcare)

Board of Directors

Sibylle Hübner-Benz, President

Herbert Knutti, Board Member

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Ludwig, GGG Representative

Michel Meier, Board Member

Ariane Mollenkopf, HEKS BS/BL Representative




«K5 makes a valuable contribution to society by addressing the importance of keeping our eyes open as we encounter the world, responding to what we see and taking a stand.» Sibylle Benz Hübner (President)

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