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Your school for German!

We have been providing high-quality German and integration courses since 1980. Our well-qualified and dedicated teachers will help you reach your personal learning objectives and successfully learn German in a respectful environment. In addition, you can receive income-based fee reductions.

German lessons for everyday life at an affordable price

You can count on our full support as you learn German. Our competent teachers give lessons focused on everyday situations and help you find your way around your surroundings and the Swiss job market.

K5's quality standards

Quality is a top priority.
> eduQua: K5 is certified with the Swiss quality label for institutions of further education.
> telc: K5 offers examinations for language certificates recognised throughout Europe.
> fide: several K5 courses are based on the State Secretariat for Migration's conceptual framework for the linguistic integration of immigrants.

Experienced and dedicated course instructors

Our course instructors are at the heart of K5. They not only have extensive teaching experience but are passionate about working with people from different cultures. All K5 instructors are trained and qualified in the methods and practice of language instruction for adults and regularly attend training events.

Convenient location near the SBB train station

Our facilities are located near the train station in the Gundeldingen neighbourhood. From the station’s south exit, you can reach K5 quickly on foot or by public transport.

Your children are welcome at K5

While you learn German, our trusted childcare team will take good care of your child. Your child can playfully learn his or her first German words, explore new surroundings together with the other children and learn more about a new culture. K5 is a leading institution in the field of early childhood language development.

The choice is yours

K5 offers you the flexibility to combine customised courses with additional modules. Classes are formed according to language level and adjusted to your learning pace, supporting your personal learning process and putting you on the path to success.

K5 events and excursions

You are welcome to take part in K5 activities that promote contact between newcomers and longer-term Basel residents.

Questions? We can assist you, in your language

We strive to respond to your specific situation and needs. We will recommend the ideal course combination for you and help you reach your learning objectives.

Please contact us–we look forward to hearing from you!

About us

Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.


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