Advanced education

Lea Pelosi

Lecturer Module Andragogy

"I am a freelance adult educator, supervisor and coach, have many years of experience in DaZ and train and develop adult educators. My work is characterized, among other things, by my experience with and interest in creative processes."über-mich

Florinda Falcetta

Lecturer in German as a second language

"Culture, interculturality, discrimination and racism are keywords that characterize our society and are therefore constantly being addressed and questioned in GFL lessons. During my interdisciplinary Master's degree at the University of Basel with a focus on migration and integration research and as a course instructor, I dealt with these issues intensively."

Christian Kessler

Lecturer Module FZD

"I attended the AdA FA M1 module myself in 2008 and was able to discover a world previously unknown to me while leading DAZ groups. I still enjoy teaching foreign-language adults, but after qualifying as a training manager and completing further training on the subject of "teaching and learning", I have been contributing my experience to the training and further training of course instructors for several years now."

Hadil Abdelsamad

Lecturer in didactics

"Lesson planning is at the heart of sustainable DAZ teaching. My experience as a DAF course leader in Cairo and my many years of experience as a DAZ course leader at K5 ensure the practical relevance of the training."

About us

Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.


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