K5 day nursery

For your child’s well-being

Our top priority is your child's well-being. We encourage and support children’s development with a special focus on early childhood development. We offer your child:

Learning through play

We base our childcare programme on the primary way children experience life: through play.

A friendly environment

We go to great lengths to create a friendly environment that is characterized by respect, love and tolerance.

Targeted language development

Early language development helps children feel comfortable in their surroundings and gives them a sense of belonging. A specialist in early language development in German helps children at K5 learn High German.

A variety of outings

To the forest, the zoo and the park–we regularly go on outings with the children. This gives your child the chance to get some fresh air, explore nature and get to know the area better.

Health and well-being

Healthy snacks, good dental hygiene and much more! Healthy food and plenty of exercise are a priority at K5.


So much is possible! We do our best to take your specific situation or your child's special needs into consideration. Just contact us!

Up-to-date caregivers

We have high standards for the quality of our work. Our well-qualified childcare staff regularly attends training sessions and we meet the quality standards for childcare with language development.

Multicultural childcare team

Our childcare team speaks a variety of languages and represents an array cultural backgrounds. At K5's day care centre, our multicultural team speaks High German and has considerable experience in learning foreign languages. We speak Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, French, Tamil and English–just to name a few!

About us

Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.


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