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Our partners and links

Mutual exchange and synergies with other institutions enrich our work. Thanks to a strong network, we can contribute specialist knowledge, respond to specific needs and continuously develop our services. You can find our clients and referring bodies, member organizations, companies with internships and donors at Thank you! listed. Our work would not be possible without you.

Counseling center for asylum seekers (BAS)

Contact point for undocumented migrants Basel 


Swiss Informatics Society

The charter 

Vocational TrainingPlus 

EURORESO European network for educational institutions

SMILE Network Collection of good practices for the promotion of lesser-used languages (Good K5 = K5 glossaries in several languages)

SVEB Swiss Association for Adult Education / Participation in basic education

DAF working group

migration:plus Professional association for migration and integration

SAVOIRSOCIAL Swiss umbrella organization of working environments for social affairs

Basel Employers' Association

HR SWISS  Professional association for HR management


Swiss Workers' Relief Organization Basel Region SAH 




Umbrella organization of Basel playgroups

Social Basel

About us

Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.


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