Advanced education

Advanced education

Do you already teach German as a second language or would you like to do so in the future? Would you like to expand your skills or acquire new ones?
Are you interested in adult education, German as a second language, migration and interculturality and would you like to qualify as a course instructor and obtain a certificate that is recognized throughout Switzerland?

In addition to further training workshops, we offer the DAZ further training course IDIconTOTO, which leads to the SVEB certificate for course leaders - with further fide modules leading to the certificate for language course leaders in the integration sector.

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Practical experience in K5: Gain practical experience with us during the course to obtain the SVEB course instructor certificate and the fide certificate: from shadowing to individual microteaching sessions to independently leading a group. Experienced mentors will support you. Theory and practice complement each other.


"At IDIconTOTO, I was able to develop my tools for teaching GFL very thoroughly:
> Thanks to the sophisticated, multifaceted and elaborate overall concept, with a great joy of learning fueled by the spirit lived there and to this day always noticeable sustainability in my lessons.
> The lecturers, who change according to module, invite you to learn from the model (of their course management) and demonstrate, for example, participant-centered, action-oriented teaching in a convincing and inspiring way - state of the art in andragogy!
> Other factors in my learning success at and through IDIconTOTO were the supported contribution and reflection of my own practical experience acquired in parallel with that of other participants and the networking promoted over months and through learning mentorships, which continues and is supported beyond the course.
> At IDIconTOTO I acquired the inner compass of my teaching, which gives me security and orientation and promotes the lasting joy of working with the course participants again and again - thank you!" Johannes Ostheimer 

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Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.


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