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«We are committed to helping build a society where people from different cultures live together and which is based on mutual respect, a sense of shared responsibility, cooperation and fundamental democratic rights.» From K5’s mission statement

Participants in the WWW course


«In the World Wide Women course, I was able to improve my German and boost my self-confidence. I also received a lot of important information about becoming integrated into the Swiss job market. The MinQ mentoring programme was helpful as well: my mentor talked to me about my job prospects, helped me write job applications and practised job interviews with me. In August 2016, I got a job as a project coordinator at a large company. My co-workers are surprised at how quickly and easily I have settled in.» Participant in the WWW course

Never give up and stay strong. Two WWW-Participants share their success story: Interviews

Annual report 2023

Diversity is the wealth of a society

So begins the foreword by Ms. Sibylle Benz, President of K5 Basler Kurszentrum: "Multilingualism and multiculturalism are economic and resource advantages. We know this particularly well in Switzerland and we are shunned by other regions of Europe for our multiculturalism. The key issue is how people from different cultural backgrounds can live together and respect humanitarian values. Depending on the global political situation, new people migrate and it takes energy and commitment to integrate them profitably into our society. It is crucial that the new arrivals experience and learn the language, culture and everyday life of the local environment.
In addition to teaching the German language and the skills needed to get by socially and on the job market, K5 provides a space for encounters. It accompanies people on their way to living diversity and anchoring themselves in the languages and customs that are practiced here in our region. It enables people from the most diverse backgrounds to enter our - diverse! - everyday life."

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Cover image K5 annual report 2023

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Through language and interaction we encourage the social and professional integration of immigrants, thus creating the basis for a shared future.


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