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Who are the training modules aimed at?
Would you like to teach DAZ or do you already teach it? Do you need knowledge of the didactics/methodology of second language teaching as well as migration and interculturality for your lessons with the specific target group of migrants?

What can you expect?

In order to be able to apply for the certificate "Language course instructor in the field of integration" at the fide office, you must prove your skills by attending or being equivalent to the following fide modules and have practical experience of 150 lessons.

Educational work with adults (BAE=SVEB certificate course leader)
The "Educational work with adults" module is the basic module of the continuing education course leading to the "Language course leader in the integration sector" certificate and should therefore be completed first. It corresponds to Module 1 of the AdA modular system of the Swiss Association for Continuing Education SVEB. In this module, participants acquire the competence to plan, lead and evaluate educational events with adults.

Our SVEB course IDIconTOTO corresponds to the fide module BAE and contains the fide modules FZD and MI.

fide module foreign and second language didactics (FZD)
The "Foreign and second language didactics" module deals with didactic and methodological approaches and specific techniques that have proven their worth in activity-oriented foreign and second language teaching. In particular, it deals with forms of differentiating and individualizing teaching as well as activities that promote autonomous learning.

The FZD module can be completed as part of our IDIconTOTO course or independently of it.

Migration and Interculturality (MI) 
The "Migration and Interculturality" module focuses on examining one's own cultural influences, values and attitudes in encounters with migrants and getting to know the regional context in relation to the legal and social situation of migrants.

The fide module MI can be completed as part of the IDIconTOTO course or independently of it.

Scenario-based teaching (SBU)
In this module, which usually concludes the training cycle, the specific characteristics of the fide approach are presented and tested in practice, in particular scenario-based language teaching.

The SBU module can be attended in addition to or independently of the IDIconTOTO course.

Practical experience

Gain practical experience with us during the course to obtain your fide certificate: from shadowing and individual microteaching sessions to independently leading a group. Experienced mentors will support you. Theory and practice complement each other.

More information

You can find more information about fide and recognition as a language course instructor in the field of integration here here  .

Are you interested in the fide training modules? Then we will be happy to advise you:

Hadil Abdelsamad,, 061 365 90 20

Coming events

fide module MI

Aug. 17, 2024- Sep. 7, 2024 | 18 hours, approx. 40 hours self-study time, 2 ECTS

fide module SBU

Jan. 17, 2025-Feb. 15, 2025 | 18 hours, approx. 40 hours self-study time, 2 ECTS

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