Olla común on Friday: Chile


The Olla-común host country Chile will spoil you with South American dishes.

Location: L'Esprit, Laufenstrasse 44/46, 4053 Basel

MenuThe menu will be announced later.

The host country Chile supports various projects of the Fundaçion Javier Arrieta and the association Friends and Patrons El-Laurel with the proceeds.

Fundacion Javier Arrieta
The aim of the Javier Arrieta Foundation is to become a comprehensive support network for the most vulnerable families in the Valparaiso region of Chile, so that they can develop and achieve a better quality of life. The Foundation aims to be a recognized institution in the central macro-zone of Chile and become a comprehensive support network for the most vulnerable, gradually and constantly developing social inclusion, environments of respect and growth to break the barriers of social inequality. The Foundation's programs focus on sponsorships for children, families and the elderly. Further information can be found at: https://www.javierarrieta.cl/

Friends and Patrons of El-Laurel
The "Friends and Patrons of El Laurel" association was founded to support humanitarian work in the community of El Laurel. El Laurel is a community of 20,000 inhabitants in Ecuador, with many small settlements and campesinos.
Among others, the following projects are supported:

Don Bosco School
The Don Bosco School provides a good education and character training, supplemented by English, music, religion and sports lessons as well as handicrafts. Around 220 children attend classes every year.

Bomberos El Laurel
This is the fire department base. Older vehicles from Europe were brought to Ecuador, repaired there and put into operation. The ambulance vehicle was also transferred to Ecuador and overhauled by local mechanics. Further information can be found at: https://www.el-laurel.ch


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